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I left Illinois yesterday for my CHBOLC (Phase 1) and drove seven hours to Lexington, KY where I spent the night. This morning I left Lexington early in the morning for another seven-hour trek to Columbia, SC where Fort Jackson is located. Upon arrival at Fort Jackson, I presented myself to Army Lodging with my orders, only to be told that there was no place in the inn, and that I was being banished to “Quality Inn” right outside the gates of Fort Jackson!

In a way it’s nice that I was living off-post, but it also meant I have to wake up early, bring all the things I will need for the day, and beat the early morning traffic at the main post gate.┬áBecause of the travel time between the school house and the hotel, going home for lunch will not be an option for now.

BOQ - Quality Inn

BOQ – Quality Inn

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